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Dasharo Compatibility: Network Boot

Test cases

PXE001.001 iPXE network boot

Test description

This test aims to verify that the DUT is capable of network booting from a PXE server.

Test configuration data

  1. FIRMWARE = coreboot

Test setup

  1. Proceed with the Generic test setup: firmware

Test steps

  1. Power on the DUT and hold the BOOT_MENU_KEY to enter the UEFI Boot Menu
  2. Select the iPXE Network boot option using the arrow keys and press Enter
  3. Press Ctrl+B when prompted to stop iPXE from booting automatically
  4. Type in dhcp to obtain an IP address
  5. Type in chain --autofree to load a boot menu
  6. Enter the "Live CDs" submenu using the arrow keys and Enter
  7. Select Debian -> Debian Live 11 (bullseye) -> Debian 11 Gnome and press Enter

Expected result

  1. The iPXE application boots successfully
  2. iPXE obtains an IP address
  3. iPXE boots an Debian 11 from